The community for good dogs & good humans with good taste.


At Argos & Artemis, we believe this simple truth: You are the incredible person that your dog sees in you. We are a community for dog people who want to get to know other dog people (and their dogs). Imagine being welcomed into someone’s beautiful home and cuddling on their comfortable sofa with their dog, settling in for an afternoon of delightful conversation and storytelling. Trade anecdotes about the silly nicknames you give your fur babies. Share tips on what you feed them (and what they steal off the kitchen floor). Admire their stylish dog beds (or confess that you, too, share the bed with your dog). Make plans to go to the dog park—after brunch—together. Join a community of noteworthy dog people, from pop icons to literary luminaries to tech visionaries, who share and discuss how they live their best lives with their best friends. Love all the dogs and love all the humans.


The bond between humans and our dogs has a long, rich storytelling legacy. Argos & Artemis intends to uphold this honorable tradition, starting with our namesakes:

Argos is the dog of the Greek hero Odysseus in Homer’s epic, the Odyssey. Argos waits 20 years for Odysseus to finally return home. In disguise after two decades on the road, Odysseus is unrecognizable to his family and friends. But Argos, his faithful pup, recognizes him immediately. He drops his ears and wags his tail—but is too weak to get up. Odysseus cannot greet him either, for he cannot betray his disguise. But Odysseus sheds a tear as he walks past Argos, and Argos dies immediately, finally having seen his master return home safely from war.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and wild animals. She is the twin sister of Apollo, and is known to be accompanied by her beloved hunting dogs.



Noël’s first dog was a Sony Aibo robot prototype (a very Silicon Valley childhood and a story reserved for another time). Fifteen years later, she adopted Artemis after being laid off from a job, thinking that a dog would, at least, give her a reason to get out of bed and take a walk in the morning. Since then, Artemis and Noël have fostered many rescue puppies in New York, giving them temporary homes before they find their forever families. Noël holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and art history from Columbia University and a master’s degree in women’s studies from the University of Oxford, and serves as chair of the Global Fund for Women Vanguard Advisory Council and on the Young Leadership Council at the Brooklyn Museum. She began her career as an assistant to the editor of Miss Vogue Australia before working for Bobbi Brown at Yahoo Beauty, segueing into writing for publications like ELLE, The Atlantic, Ars Technica, Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Awl, and The Guardian, and creating copy for brands like Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden, and ADAY. She always asks if dogs are allowed at the party.


chief canine officer

Artemis is a rescue originally from Miami who found herself frequently complimented for her pink barn coat on the Upper East Side at six months old. She is named after the Greek goddess of the hunt—though she has never been able to catch a squirrel. Her favorite snacks are blueberries after she has rolled them around for a bit like mini tennis balls, Santa Cruz Organic Light Roasted Creamy Peanut Butter on a spoon, broiled salmon made by her grandmother in California, and Sprinkles Pupcakes. Catch her in Central Park during off-leash hours, where she prefers to mix and mingle with the big dogs. (Don’t tell her that she’s only 18 pounds.)

Illustrations by Payton Cosell Turner of Flat Vernacular
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