Listen up: You need a poop bag dispenser (or two). You never want to be that dog parent whose dog just dropped a deuce in the middle of the sidewalk, only to realize that you forgot to put poop bags in your pocket before you walked out of the house. The poop bag dispenser is, in my opinion, a non-negotiable accessory if you have a dog. It is one of the most important bags you will own in your life, along with your suitcase, first work bag, and JanSport backpack from middle school.

But we’re not interested in the ubiquitous bone-shaped plastic poop bag dispensers. You’re a responsible dog parent, and you deserve something more stylish for picking up your dog’s poop. These are our #ArtemisApproved poop bag holders:

Designer poop bag holders for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith.

Boo Oh Toto Bag

Perfect for: minimalists who love clean lines for dirty business.

Why we love it: This chic fine grain poop bag dispenser is designed from one single piece folded into a functional geometric shape. We’re not actually minimalists (we love our patterns and prints over here), but this is our favorite poop bag holder because it combines form with functional. It snaps easily over any leash and it’s easy to pull poop bags out of the opening. Finally, we appreciate the structured shape, so you could easily and safely use the dispenser to store AirPods or other small accessories in a pinch.

Designer poop bag holders for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith.

Mr. Dog Roboto Poop Bag Holder

Perfect for: fans of playful designer bags with faces, like the Celine Luggage Bag (aka the “Smiling Face Bag”) and the Fendi Bug (aka Monster) Bag.

Why we love it: First and foremost, it matches our Fendi. Secondly, these impeccably Brooklyn-made leather poop bag dispensers are designed with heavy brass hardware and rich, hand-cut leather. It’s cute, but it’s not delicate at all.

Hiro + Wolf Heart Poop Pouch

Perfect for: easy clipping onto your keychain so that you never forget your keys (or poop bags) ever again.

Why we love it:These heart-shaped leather pouches can fit at least 10 poop bags, though they won’t fit a full roll. They’re best fit onto a keychain instead of a leash, and would be a great backup for when you forget to refill the poop bag dispenser on the leash.

Finn + Me Pooch Purse

Perfect for: storing your credit cards, cash, keys, and other necessities without wearing a fanny pack.

Why we love it: These Manhattan-made leather pouches are shaped like chic little backpacks with pockets—and they are just as functional as a backpack you’d wear yourself. (The nickel grommet at the bottom allows for easy retrieval of poop bags.) The back loops snap onto any leash.

Cozyco Hand Knit Doggy Poop Bag Holder

Perfect for: those who knit their own scarves or prefer their accessories to be vegan.

Why we love it: These adorable half-cotton, half-acrylic hand knit poop bag holders are made to look like a little dog’s face, floppy ears included. In addition to being lightweight, they have an opening in the back for easy poop bag retrieval.

Wild One Poop Bag Carrier

Perfect for: traditionalists who want functional and form.

Why we love it: This is a best seller for good reason. It’s super easy to attach the elastic band with any leash, and the plastic cylinder stores a full roll of poop bags. It’s the easiest dispenser to refill, too, and it’s easy to clean.

Photography by Tayler Smith

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