I’m not French, and neither is my all-American mutt, Artemis. But we went to Paris together over the holidays, which was how Artemis had the opportunity to eat an entire croissant from the boulangerie. Like an American college student on a study abroad program, her life changed at that very moment. You never forget your first taste of French butter.

Due to the pandemic, we won’t be going back to Paris anytime soon, but with Bastille Day coming up on July 14th, we’re looking to celebrate and reminisce over our Gallic adventures at home. Here are #ArtemisApproved French-inspired dog treats that you can order to celebrate Bastille Day (or any day). Bon(e) appétit!

French-inspired dog treats for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith.

Bonne et Filou Dog Macarons (use code ARTEMIS for 10 percent off!)

Here in New York, we live within walking distance of Ladurée, which is on our way to Central Park. Sometimes, I like to stop by and pick up a macaron or two as a treat (for myself). Now, Artemis gets to have her own macarons, in the same iconic gift box style, made by this French-inspired treat brand inspired by the dogs of French King Louis XIV, Bonne and Filou, who lived in Versailles! (Artemis is very jealous.) Every box contains six macarons that can be broken up into smaller pieces, though I give Artemis a whole macaron after she eats all her supplements at night. Each macaron is made with human-grade ingredients. The base is oat flour, honey, and coconut oil, while the filling is yogurt. We’ve tried both the lavender and strawberry flavors, and Artemis is a big fan of both. Luckily, these macarons can keep for about a year without refrigeration, which is more than we can say for delicate human macarons!

Maison de PawZ French Bistro Classics

With flavors like steak frites and tuna Niçoise, these gluten-free, grain-free dog treats are made in New York using buckwheat flour and without preservatives. The ingredients are simple, but delicious. The steak frites treats, for example, are made of sweet potato purée and bone broth simmered for over six hours. That’s it! These treats easily break apart and are lightweight, which makes them great for on-the-go training.

Raw Pets Freeze-Dried Duck Necks

It’s not duck confit, but your dog wouldn’t know. These freeze-dried duck necks are 50 percent meat and 50 percent bone, and they’re easy to chew and digest for dogs of all sizes. Duck necks contain a variety of nutrients like protein, chondroitin, and glucosamine, and they have the potential to keep your dog occupied for hours while cleaning their teeth.

Bocce’s Bakery Local Batch Beef Bourguignon Recipe Dog Treats

These biscuits are made with only four ingredients: organic rye flour, beef, carrots, and parsley. We love that Bocce’s Bakery started in a tiny West Village apartment kitchen, and true to their New York heritage, they source the beef from gourmet butcher shop Pat LaFrieda. The beef is roasted with vegetables, just like your favorite beef bourguignon recipe. It won’t stop your dog from begging at the dinner table, though.

Le Petit Treats

Available in flavors like quiche lorraine, coq au vin, pâté, and even crème de menthe (!), these grain-free treats were created by a Parisian chef and made in America. We love that the crème de menthe contain spinach, which is much healthier than the alcoholic drink, and that all the flavors profiled are designed with balance between sweet and savory, just like human dishes.

Photography by Tayler Smith

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