This summer is different from the other summers—blah, blah, blah. I know you know this already. We’re heading into our last stretch of summer, though (hello, dog days!), and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a bit languid. Artemis has been getting restless, too, especially because we’ve been particularly strict about sheltering in place (no outdoor dining on our part!). The torrential downpours and heat waves in New York City (have you heard that we are now officially a subtropical climate?) have made our walks short and unsatisfying. I mean, I have books and Hulu. But Artemis? Well, I know some dogs are happy to be at home cuddling with their humans. I can tell you that mine isn’t, and she’s probably contemplating how she started 2020 with a fresh baguette in her mouth while wandering the streets of Paris, and now she’s stuck in a studio apartment with a woman who should probably change her t-shirt.

There are many digital summer camps for kids, designed to help keep them occupied and enriched while they’re quarantining, and luckily, there are a few online summer camps for dogs, too. The best part about digital summer camp for your dog, however, is that you’re occupied, too. This is a chance to bond with your dog, to train your dog, to find new special moments with your dog. Here are the best digital summer camps to keep you and your dog occupied, even if you’re nowhere near the woods:

Tails of Connection Camp TOC

When: July 27th-August 16th

Cost: $35

Why we love it: You get 62 videos, two files, and six text files for three weeks worth of enrichment and training with your dog taught by the Tails of Connection team, dog trainers Christie Catan and Jessica Yergin. There are sports, bonding, outdoor living, theater, art, scavenger, and color wars that you can do with your dog at home, aka all the best parts of camp (minus the marshmallows). For art, for example, there are workshops for editing your dog’s photo on your phone. For theater, you get to train your dog to high-five. There is even a private Camp TOC Facebook group that you can join, so you can make friends with your cabin buddies, too. When summer’s over, you’ll continue to have access to the videos.

The Dog Alliance K9 Kids and Their Dogs

When: August 3rd-August 6th

Cost: $125

Why we love it: This camp is designed just for your kids (up to age 15) to bond with their dogs. For example. they will learn to build a homemade agility course and teach their dogs to run through it. All you need are some common household items and treats, so the setup is minimum, and the camp will even help you with setup before it begins.

Kate Perry Virtual Puppy Socialization

When: On-going

Cost: $35/class

Why we love it: A lot of our friends are desperate to adopt dogs and puppies right now, but they’re reluctant because they’re worried about socializing their dogs in the age of social distancing. These recurring four-part class series covers the following topics: Separation Anxiety & Unwanted Barking, Nipping & Inappropriate Chewing, Leash Etiquette & Proper Equipment, and Housetraining. Kate Perry leads the course, and she was deemed “New York’s Best Dog Trainer” by New York Magazine.

Andrea Arden Virtual Dog Training

When: On-going

Cost: $25/class

Why we love it: From agility training to leash walking manners to party tricks, you can pick and choose the activities you want to try with your dog, taught by Animal Planet expert Andrea Arden’s team. There are 10 different classes you can choose from, which is plenty to keep you and your dog occupied for the rest of the summer.

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