Let’s talk about the dynastic family in Buckingham Palace. No, we don’t mean Queen Elizabeth II and Charles and Kate and that set. We’re talking about the Corgis, all descended from The Queen’s first Corgi, Susan, who came into the family in 1944.

The Queen is famously known for her love of dogs—especially Corgis. When Her Majesty was just seven years old in 1933, her father bought a Corgi named Dookie, who was featured in a family Christmas card that we viewed at The Kennel Club’s gallery in Mayfair. (And you can, too!) Susan entered The Queen’s life when she was just 18 years old, and since she became Queen in 1952, she’s had over 30 Corgis who live in their very own Corgi Room in Buckingham Palace, sleep in wicker baskets, and are served gourmet meals by a chef at 5 p.m. promptly every day. The Queen is known to pour gravy over their supper. Talk about white-glove service.

Not surprisingly, because of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations happening this weekend across the U.K., we are surrounded with more Corgi-themed products than ever before. And we’re not mad about that. I’d be more than happy to see Corgi-themed and -shaped products all year round! Dog save The Queen! Here are the best ways to commemorate the love that you and The Queen share for Corgis:

Mulberry New Corgi Keyring (£105)

Marks and Spencer Caramel Corgi Mousse Cakes (£6)

Marks and Spencer Corgi and Queen Connie the Caterpillar Cake (£6)

PG Tips Platinum Jubilee Pyramid Teabags (£3.99)

Annoushka Mythology Gold Corgi Charm (£3,900)

Happy Birthday Queen Greeting Card (£4.99)

Baked by Steph Corgi Party Letterbox Cookies (£26)

Rococo A Wiggle of Corgis Milk Chocolate Nibble Bag (£11.95)

Buckingham Palace X Biscuiteers Platinum Jubilee (£58)

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