We launched Argos & Artemis as a global community for good dogs and good humans with good taste, partly inspired because I am a picky person with a picky pup. As a dog mom living in Manhattan, I saw and experienced increasingly elevated and differentiated products for dogs on the market. And yet, the content did not match up to these products. I wanted editorials and literary writing that did justice for the beautiful lives that we lead with our dogs. And as all founder stories I start, I decided to stop waiting and do it myself.

Since April 2019, we have grown to tens of thousands around the globe, united by our identity as devoted dog parents. My chief canine officer, Artemis, and I have been so lucky to work with you and learn from you, and to work with some of the most inspiring pet care brands in the world. We have loved testing these products and enhancing our lives with these products. There is nothing like seeing your dog fall in love with their food, harness, toy, or bed. And when our dogs are happy, we’re happy, too.

Which is why we’ve reached growing pains: Artemis and I no longer have the time and personal capacity to test all the dog products to which we want to give careful consideration and thoughtful feedback. It’s partly because we are one dog and one human living in a small apartment, and we don’t need six travel carriers all at once. It’s also partly because Artemis is a picky dog who likes what she likes—usually without any semblance of logic—and she isn’t interested in giving many incredible products the chance that they deserve. I’m a bit tired of being embarrassed when a company sends us a beautiful toy or bag of treats, only for Artemis to turn up her very boopable nose at them.

In any case, Artemis would rather spend her time napping. One dog cannot both nap 18 hours a day and test all the great products and services out there.

That’s where you come in. You and your dog have great taste, after all. That’s why Artemis and I are cordially inviting you to join our Picky Pups Pack, an executive committee of our Pack consisting of good dogs and good humans with good taste who are interested in testing free (!) products and services, taking high-quality images, and helping us review and evaluate the best of pet care to share with the rest of the Argos & Artemis community. With your help, we will continue providing the most elevated pet care content on this wild, wild, wild internet where we spent so much of our time.

What we’re looking for:

  • The willingness and patience to take high-quality photos (iPhone is fine). Don’t worry: We will send you tips from our very own photographers, who regularly shoot for Vogue and New York Times, if you need some help.
  • A point of view (and good taste). Are you passionate about raw food brands? Sustainable toys? Chic leashes that match your shoes? Feeding bowls for senior dogs? You don’t need to be an expert about anything, but you do need to be willing to have an opinion (and be willing to share it!).
  • A dog that’s all yours. Artemis and I have fostered many dogs (and one cat), but we don’t think they should test products because foster parents usually don’t know them well enough. We’re looking for dog parents who know their dogs well—if your dog’s stomach can’t handle lamb kibble, we don’t want to send them lamb treats someday.

What we don’t care about:

  1. Your Instagram following. Since we launched Argos & Artemis, we’ve discovered that some of the most discerning dogs and dog people are not that active on social media. And that’s okay!
  2. Your country. While our American and British dog parents and dogs will most likely have more opportunities to test products in their market, we invite anyone who is interested in testing and reviewing products in their home markets to join us.
  3. Your pedigree. It’s absolutely great if your dog is a rare breed or one that requires a specialized leash or lifestyle or grooming routine because then you can help us evaluate specialized products made just for yours dearly. But if you’re a rescue mutt like Artemis, we know you have good taste, too.

Are you interested? Fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch with more details on the next steps!

Photography by Sylvie Rosokoff

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