The United States Postal Service is currently gridlocked due to a historic and overwhelming number of packages during the holidays, so if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite dog parents (and you want it to arrive by end of the holiday season), it’s possible that it’s too late to make your order. But that’s why we have gift cards.

Gift cards have long been maligned as appropriate presents for the people you love. People believed (and still believe) that if you care about someone and want to show them you care, you would pick out something personal instead of giving them a generic gift card that, unless you were really generous, may not even cover a full purchase.

But this year is different! Gift cards and certificates, which you can buy online, are not only convenient and avoids overwhelming the postal service. They help support small businesses who need every purchase to help stay afloat. Here are our 20 #ArtemisApproved picks for pet care companies from which to buy gift cards so you can buy something your dog really wants later.

For accessories:


Finn + Me

Max Bone

Little Beast

Mr. Dog New York

Sir Dogwood


Canine Styles

Awoo Pets

Mungo & Maud

For meals and treats:

Farm Hounds

Bonne et Filou

Three Loves NYC


Heed Foods

Bocce’s Bakery

For toys:



For grooming:

Skout’s Honor


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