I don’t have an in-unit laundry in my current tiny studio apartment in a pre-war building on the Upper East Side. That also means that I don’t have much storage space for cleaning supplies. But I’ve been redecorating my cozy space, and no matter how many times I vacuum, mop, and scrub, I still pick up new clumps of Artemis’ fur. She’s only 18 pounds, but apparently most of that is fur.

I’ve talked about the life-changing magic of The LaundressPet & Lint Brush before. It’s like a portable car wash for your clothes and furniture, and it’s replaced the disposable lint brush for me these days, as I move towards a reduced-waste lifestyle. Some of us (including me) just accept the fur as a fact of life. Fashion editors Danielle and Gabby Prescod have closets full of envious designer clothes, but they don’t mind being covered in shedding in return for a hug from their dog, Harry Potter. Linda and Winks founder and fashion stylist Linda Rodin still finds fur from her previous dog, a Basset Hound named Billy, in her gorgeous Chelsea apartment. But dog fur isn’t even the worst that dog owners have to clean up! There’s poop. There’s vomit.

Artemis and I foster puppies on the side, most of whom are too young to go outside for walks, which means we’re always in proximity to fresh poop and pee inside our home. We’ve had puppies pee in my bed. We’ve had puppies pee in Artemis’ bed. And because we don’t have in-unit laundry, we’re constantly spot cleaning. And because my apartment is overrun with love from little dogs, I endeavor to keep my home clean with non-toxic, high-quality products. Here is what I do for laundry-free quick fixes to dog accidents and messes:


Step 1

Blot the urine or vomit with The Laundress Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths, which are better than paper towels because they don’t leave residue (and are reusable!). Soak up as much as you can ASAP, before the urine or vomit seeps through the rest of the surface.

Step 2

Prepare a spray bottle with a 1:1 ratio of The Laundress Scented Vinegar and lukewarm water. Generously spray the area and let it soak for 15 minutes. We’re obsessed with this formula in our home because it smells nothing like vinegar. It’s eucalyptus with notes of pine and hints of rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, ylang-ylang and thyme.

Step 3

Rinse (or scrub) the area using hot water to avoid staining. The Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths work for this step, too. (Use a clean one.)

Step 4

We love bar soaps! They’re more eco-friendly because they use less packaging. Wet a Wash & Stain Bar and apply the wet side directly into the affected area, working it into a lather.

Step 5

Wet a corner of the Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth with warm water and blot the area to remove soap suds. Dry the area with a dry section of the cloth.

The Laundress cleaning products for homes with dogs.

Et voilà! Your dog won’t notice the difference and neither will you.

Photography by Sylvie Rosokoff

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