Argos & Artemis is moderating and co-hosting the first-ever dog event at The Wing SoHo, the venture-funded women’s club and co-working space, on September 23rd, 2019, from 7 PM to 9 PM. We are so excited to bring together some of the top dog experts in our community to discuss how to give your dog the best life possible in New York City. Our panelists include Dr. Zay Satchu (Bond Vet), Brittany O’Steen (The Barker), and Chelsea Brownridge (DogSpot) as they discuss dog life. From the ins and outs of fostering dogs, to puppy-proofing your apartment, the healthiest dog treats, and how to handle your first vet visit—you’ll leave ready to find, take home, and walk The One. Q&A to follow!

(We have strong ties to The Wing and wouldn’t be here without them. In addition to being founding members ourselves, we met our illustrator Payton Cosell Turner of Flat Vernacular, who designed the space’s wallpaper, and our website designer, Cody McBurnett of Loki Loki, there.)

If you’re a member of The Wing, just head over to the members’ portal to RSVP to the event. You are allowed up to two guests, so please invite your friends!

If you’re not a member of The Wing and would love to come, we have special limited guest slots open for our community! Here’s how to claim your free guest spot (first come, first served!):

  1. Follow @argosandartemis on Instagram. Pick a favorite post and tag at least one friend who would be interested in our community! Yes, we would love if you tagged all the dogs and dog parents in your life.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter. See you at the Dog Park!
  3. Email us once you’re done with your full name, Instagram handle and email address used for subscribing (subject line: Let’s meet at The Wing!). That’s it! We’ll send a confirmation once your seat is secured.

Note: Only service dogs are allowed at The Wing. We promise future events will allow all dogs. Artemis really wants to meet everyone, too!

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