Let’s face it: Dog food isn’t always so appetizing-looking, unless you’re our friend Jedi the Shih Tzu, whose mom deserves a Michelin star, in our opinion. And that’s okay—like restauranteur David Chang, we are big fans of ugly delicious food. Recently, due to sheltering in place, I’ve been putting extreme care into the setting the table for myself, picking out my fanciest plates and cheeseboard for meals that I’ve been eating alone in my apartment. It’s not quite like dining in a restaurant, but it’s good enough.

While Artemis’ table manners aren’t quite Debrett’s-approved, I’ve also enjoyed feeding her meals in stylish pet food bowls. A proper pet food bowl should be sturdy, easy to clean, and safe for pets—style is just an additional perk, and luckily there are plenty of options from which to choose these days. Find one that matches your interior style, and it’s possible that your dog will be eating in more style than yourself. Here are our #ArtemisApproved favorites:

Stylish dog food bowls for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith.

Felt+Fat Pet Set

Perfect for: Brooklyn dogs whose moms spend weekends at the ceramics studio.

Why we love it: We were recommended this bowl by Great Jones co-founder Sierra Tishgart (and mom to Hubble), and we love how the beautiful ceramic bowls sit securely in the (very) heavy concrete stand. The bowls are wipe clean easily and the design complements any décor choice.

Wild One Bowl

Perfect for: dogs who go on jogs with their Outdoor Voices-clad moms.

Why we love it: You can now personalize the bowls (including emojis!). The dishwasher-safe bowls are big enough for larger dogs with hungry appetites, and stainless steel is ridiculously sturdy.

Fetching Fields Bowl

Perfect for: dogs whose moms order all their kitchenware from Goop to outfit their Hamptons home.

Why we love it: The chic hand-glazed bowl is hand-crafted in the Hudson Valley, but unlike many hand-crafted ceramics, this one is dishwasher-safe.

btw Ceramics Torrent Dog Bowl

Perfect for: dogs who also serve as their mom’s muse while she paints.

Why we love it: This handcrafted ceramic bowl features Pollock-like paint splotches. It’s so gorgeous that we could see this being used as a jewelry bowl.

Tiffany & Co. Dog Bowl

Perfect for: Upper East Side dogs who have personal drivers, walkers, and chefs.

Why we love it: This sterling silver bowl is so nice (with the price tag to match) that we’d be worried about putting it on the floor. Guess it’s time to sit your dog at the head of the table?

Whom Home Downward Pet Feeder

Perfect for: dogs who enjoy napping in their mom’s mid-century modern bed.

Why we love it: You can customize both the metal and wood finish of this elegant feeder, which makes sense, as it’s meant to be a piece of furniture admired in your home.

Miriam Mirri F.F.F. Lulà Dog Bowl

Perfect for: dogs who need to protect their food from their siblings.

Why we love it: Designed by Milan-based designer Miriam Mirri, this stainless steel bowl features an adorable lid to help cover food and keep it fresh (or away from hungry siblings).

Momo Chardo Studio Chinoiserie Toile Bowl

Perfect for: dogs who enjoy getting muddy in the Cotswolds with their wellies-wearing mom.

Why we love it: Chinoiserie is back in style for 2020, so why not start with a piece for your dog before you move onto something bigger for your home?

GG Collection Acanthus Leaf Metal Pet Feeder

Perfect for: Dogs who enjoy their meals in the garden or patio.

Why we love it: This ornate pet feeder with customizable stoneware bowls features leaf motifs. You can put it in the garden so that your dog can join you for summer meals outside, and move it indoors for fancy holiday dining.

Blue Rose Polish Pottery Athena Dog Bowl

Perfect for: dogs whose moms love to mix and match their prints.

Why we love it: This Polish pottery piece is dishwasher-safe and livens up any kitchen, automatically making your dog’s food (probably brown-colored, right?) looking more appetizing.

Photography by Tayler Smith

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