It’s funny that the term is “catwalk” and not “dogwalk,” considering dogs are the pets that require regular walks every day. Once upon a time, I fantasized about being the type of adult woman who had a designer bag for every occasion—you know, a Chanel 2.55 in every color. But I’ve actually been carrying the same Fendi tote since 2015 to work, Pilates, parties, dinner, and grocery runs to Trader Joe’s, and if I get a 2.55 someday, I think one will be more than enough. Instead, I’ve channeled this energy into leash-and-collar sets for Artemis. What is it about leashes and collars that, no matter how expensive, seem worth it? Perhaps it’s because they serve very necessary purposes: The collar holds the tags containing medical and identification information, and the leash is how most of us keep our dogs from running into traffic. There is something very appealing about matching leashes and collars—it automatically makes you feel organized, coordinated, like no matter how crowded your inbox has become or how messy your personal life is, at least you’re a responsible dog parent.

We’re so lucky to be dog parents in a time where female-founded brands are making stylish and functional leash-and-collar sets. Artemis and I love color and prints, which is why these are our #ArtemisApproved recommendations—because it’s woman’s best friend, too.

Stylish collars for Argos & Artemis by Tayler Smith.Finn + Me

Meet the founder: After a career in publishing at places like the New York Times, Rebecca Fadden went back to school at Parsons School of Design. Her interest in fashion combined with her life as a Manhattan dog mom to Finn led her to launch Finn + Me, a luxury dog accessories line with approachable price points, in 2017. Finn and Rebecca have traveled the world together, from modeling their Breton shirts in France to enjoying sunny days on Nantucket Island.

Our favorites: Rebecca’s touch for luxury really comes through in the details, from the fine stitching of the leather (all New York City-made) to the vibrant colors. The Finley Collar in Lipstick Red is, indeed, the most flattering shade of red you’ll ever put on your lips or on your dog, and the Finley Collar in Rose Gold is a best seller in the most flattering and versatile of metallic shades. We’re obsessed with the Bisous Collar with the heart cutouts, which you can pair with the Raleigh Leash in Lipstick Red.

Wild One

Meet the founders: Minali Chatani was a creative lead at Sweetgreen before she co-founded Wild One, which is why you see Wild One’s clean aesthetic all over Instagram. Her co-founder, Veronica Becchetti, has extensive experience in product development. Together, they make functional leashes and collars for dog parents who are new to, well, dog parenthood and want something easy-to-clean and versatile for all occasions, from hiking to holiday parties.

Our favorites: We love the Collar in Red (which is actually pink) and the matching Leash. The flex-poly material wipes clean easily and is water-resistant. You won’t find a more stylish option for sporty dogs! They even sell these pieces together in a Walk Kit.

Little Beast

Meet the founders: Jisu Kim and Lys Bui both come from the art world—Lys recently collaborated with Uniqlo, in fact—and their good tastes are obvious in the products they curate at Little Beast. Jisu lives in Long Island City with her rescue dog, Molly, who has very good taste in treats (chief canine officer Artemis can attest to this).

Our favorites: In addition to their curated products, they also make dog collars and leashes made with Italian tanned leather, solid brass, and Edilred rope from Germany (aka the same rope used by serious mountaineers). We love the Pink Lemonade collar and leash. Who says pink isn’t powerful?

Linda and Winks

Meet the founder: Linda Rodin is a fashion icon and stylist who has graced us dog parents with her own collection of vegan dog accessories. She’s styled Madonna, worked for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and began modeling in the ‘60s. Recently, she appeared in campaigns for brands like Coach, The Row, and H&M. She lives in Chelsea, Manhattan, with her poodle, muse, and soulmate, Winky.

Our favorites: The Little Dot leash-and-collar set is one of our favorite sets ever; all of them have a denim underbelly in homage to Linda’s iconic Levis. When we take this set on walks, we feel like a street style photographer would be taking Artemis’ photo at any minute. For summer, we’re dreaming of the Brigitte Bardot leash-and-collar set in gingham fabric, encased in vinyl for easy cleaning.

Love Thy Beast

Meet the founder: Tiziana Agnello was one of the best prop stylists in the business, working for major magazines and brands, but decided to start her own pet accessories business after adopting her rescue pug, Orzo. Her American-made products pioneered the way for other dog accessories brands, but those who know about Love Thy Beast are loyal to her locally-sourced materials and fine detailing.

Our favorites: The Neon Pink Leather Collar and Colorblock Adjustable Leash are classic designs in fun, bold colors. We can’t say no to a good colorblock, and Tiziana’s apt for photoshoot-worthy aesthetics is evident in this beautifully-designed set.

Hiro + Wolf

Meet the founders: Amy Fleuriot is an accessories designer who trained formally at London College of Fashion. She met her co-founder, Bee Friedmann, while walking their dogs at London Fields Park in Hackney, London. Instead of never learning each other’s names and keeping their social interactions to walks, Amy and Bee did the thing: They formed a company together. Hiro + Wolf sources ethical materials and designs from all around the world, just for our dogs. It is, of course, named after their two sweet good boys.

Our favorites: The Chinese Clouds Collar has a matching Bow Tie (with a reflective center for night walks) and Classic Lead (that’s British for leash), all made with vibrant cotton, that we love wearing in homage to Artemis’ Chinese heritage. But we also love the beautiful Kente collection, inspired by a trip to Ghana.

Photography by Tayler Smith

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