Last week, it was 93°F one day and 50°F the next day. I found myself adjusting my wardrobe—and Artemis’ carrier—overnight.

I grew up in Northern California where we had two seasons: wet and dry. I wore rubber flip flops in December and North Face fleece jackets in June. When I moved to New York City for college at age 18, I was ill-prepared for winter snow that hardened overnight into dog pee-stained ice and humid summer days with intermittent rain showers. A decade later, I have finally built a wardrobe suited for the East Coast. And when I adopted Artemis from Miami, I realized that she, too, needed help adjusting to the weather extremes of our beloved city. I love taking Artemis to my meetings and appointments, and she loves the opportunity to explore (and sniff) new corners of all five boroughs. (We’ve yet to visit Staten Island, but we’ll get there!)

So, we have two carriers for Artemis—one for summer and one for winter. For all of Artemis’ accessories, I have three criteria that must be fulfilled:

  1. Above all else, Artemis must be comfortable with it.
  2. It has to complement my outfits.
  3. It has to be functional—we are a busy pair and we don’t have time (or funds) for things that don’t work.

Is it absolutely necessary to have two dog carriers? Of course not. But because Artemis and I are always out and about together, it makes sense for us to have two carriers that are comfortable for both extreme heat and extreme chills. Artemis loves these two carriers so much that she voluntarily climbs into them when I take them out of storage. It makes everything so much easier knowing that at least one of us enjoys the commute.

What do you use to carry your dog around? Let’s not forget that the L.L. Bean Open-Top Boat and Tote, monogrammed with your dog’s name, is the OG dog bag!

Chief canine officer in her Wild One carrier.

Wild One Carrier in Tan for Summer

During the summer, we want a lightweight carrier that goes with sundresses and picnic baskets, that wipes clean easily when someone inevitably spills White Claw on it.

Why Artemis loves it: The bag is structured, not flimsy, so she can actually sit upright in it and look at her surroundings. When she’s tired, she rests her head on the scooped opening.

Why I love it: Artemis is a small dog, but she is hefty—purse dog, she is not. Unlike other bags that I’ve used to carry Artemis, the flex poly-coated nylon straps are soft and don’t hurt my shoulders under her dense weight. The neutral tan color is not what I usually go for (I’m a maximalist), but it goes with any outfit and is easy to clean despite the pale shade.

Features: Cushioned base, soft non-slip straps, structured exterior, scooped opening for dog’s head, internal collar attachment for extra security, zipper closure, easy to clean.

Chief canine officer in her MiaCara carrier.

MiaCara Via Dog Carrier in Black for Winter

During the winter, we want a comfortable, warm carrier that goes with wool coats and knee-high boots, that can double as a cozy dog bed at holiday parties that go into the night.

Why Artemis loves it: This bag with a plush faux fur interior and thick base cushion is so beloved in our home that Artemis voluntarily sleeps in it over my bed or her bed—it’s that comfortable! When we’re out, she crawls into this carrier for naps while I take my meetings.

Why I love it: I…want to sleep in it, too? Or at least be carried in it on frigid winter mornings on the way to the subway. That would be nice. The interior may be plush, but the exterior is sturdy and weatherproof. It looks great with any winter outfit, whether you’re dressed in head-to-toe sequins for the company party or headed for the slopes.

Features: Faux fur interior, cushioned base, weatherproof easy-to-clean exterior, internal collar attachment for extra security, side opening for dog’s head.

Studio photography by Tayler Smith


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