Don’t know what to get someone for the holidays? If they have a dog, this may be the most fun present you buy. This year, more than ever, there is a wide selection of incredible high-quality products for all the dogs and dog parents in your life (including, er, especially yourself). Here are our #ArtemisApproved selections for gifts so good, even the non-dog owners around the Christmas tree will be impressed (and jealous). After all, good dogs and good humans have good taste.

For the person who takes their dog to the farmer’s market for flowers every Saturday:

Katie Kimmel Dalmatian Vase ($125)

Versace dog coat

For the dog who frequents Art Basel and Fashion Week with their human:

Versace Black & Yellow Medusa Barocco T-Shirt ($195)

Boo Oh harness.

For the dog who prefers a harness and the dog parent who won’t sacrifice style for function:

Boo Oh Ray Harness ($125)

Aesop Animal

For the dog who loves mud baths and their human who loves bubble baths:

Aesop Animal ($39)

Wild One Toy Kit.

For the easily-bored dog and their too-busy human:

Wild One Toy Kit ($58)

Buena Vida alpaca dog toys.

For the dog that loves plush toys and their human who loves interior design:

Buena Vida Pet Supply Alpaca Dog Toy ($29)

For the dog parent who coordinates their own accessories with their dog’s:

Rebel Dawg Custom Name Barrette ($38) + Rebel Dawg Double-Sided Heart of Gold Dog Tag Nameplate ($42)

Crown & Paw pet portrait

For the dog parent who is building a portrait gallery on Instagram and IRL:

Crown & Paw Custom Pet Canvas ($50)

Dog bed

For the dog doesn’t want to share the bed with their human (sorry):

Bad Marlon Marron Bed ($160)

Arlo Skye Pet Carrier

For the dog who is going places in first-class comfort:

Arlo Skye Pet Carrier ($250)

For the dog who will be the focal point of all the gift unwrapping photos this year:

Finn + Me Holiday Scarf in Santa Baby ($28)

Mr. Dog New York Roboto poop bags

For the dog who does their business in stye and for their human who appreciates a bit of poop humor:

Mr. Dog New York Roboto Dog Poop Bag Holder ($130)

Tiffany & Co. Dog Charm

For the dog who charms every room they walk into:

Tiffany & Co. Bone Collar Charm ($155)

Max Bone-Box Subscription

For the dog parent who is building up their dog’s wardrobe:

Max Bone-Box Mini Subscription ($25/month)

Felt + Fat / Heart + Paw food bowl set.

For the dog who eats better than you:

Felt + Fat Pet Set ($115 for small, $140 for large)

Photography by Sylvie Rosokoff and Tayler Smith

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