Everyone’s got their preferences when it comes to the perfect equipment for the perfect walk, and we are a devoted harness household here at A&A headquarters. As observed at our last veterinary exam, Artemis is very muscular for a compact dog, and because her head is narrower than her neck, attaching a leash to a collar often risks a runaway dog incident. However, you can’t just buy any harness for your dog; with greater control over your dog comes greater need to pay attention to anatomical comfort. The harness has to avoid blocking important chest airways when your dog pulls, and it should avoid tightening around the body when your dog tugs. Recently, we’ve become big fans of the step-in harness and leash combination for the following reasons:

  1. They’re efficient. While traditional harnesses require you to clip in, the step-in harnesses are designed to fit around your dog in one step (literally).
  2. They adjust to torso sizes. A small dog can have a medium-sized torso (just ask Artemis!). When you’re between sizes, a step-in harnesses, which allows for bigger adjustments, can give your dog the most comfortable fit.
  3. They’re safe for dogs who tug. A step-in harnesses distributes pull across the body to avoid blocking important airways. So the next time your dog sees a squirrel, they won’t choke on the leash.

To start, consider these two #ArtemisApproved step-in harness-leash combos. They’re comfortable, American-made, easy to use, and guaranteed to attract compliments:

Boo Oh harness and leash for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith. Boo Oh Ray Harness

Why we love it: This 100 percent handmade harness is made with thickly woven synthetic silk fiber rope and Buttero leather—it reminds us of carabiner rope, only much more stylish. The patent-pending design adjusts gracefully to the size of your dog’s torso and allows for generous adjustments (which is really help for dogs like Artemis, who look small but have barrel-sized chests and are often between small and medium for clip-in harnesses!). It currently comes in three sizes and seven shades of chic: grey, pink, blue, mint green, dark grey, dark red, and dark green.

Mr. Dog New York harness and leash for Argos & Artemis, photographed by Tayler Smith.Mr. Dog Step-In Harness & Leash

Why we love it: For those who want a little more hardware (and leather), this packcloth nylon, solid brass, and cowhide leather harness is the perfect daily walk accessory for dogs under 25 pounds. The adjustable tab allows you to customize the harness to your dog’s torso, and despite the brass hardware, it is incredibly lightweight and won’t weigh your dog down (unlike some clip-in harnesses). It is available in both all-leather and nylon-and-leather combinations, and comes in black, brown, orange, and grey combinations.

Photography by Jon Filin

Studio photography by Tayler Smith

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