Remember when everyone said dog influencers were the perfect influencers because they didn’t get political? In 2018, Loni Edwards, founder of the The Dog Agency, told Fast Company: “Pets are universally loved, they make people happy. And they’re safe. They’re not going to say politically charged things or get drunk at a party. So they have all the benefits of traditional, human influencers with all these extra plus factors.”

“They typically don’t share political views or anything controversial, so brands feel safe partnering with them,” Richard Wong, an influencer marketing specialist told EContent that same year. “Likewise, audiences like engaging with animals because they’re a fun break from the typical content in their feed and provide a source of relatable, carefree entertainment.”

Whew, what a relic from the past. I don’t need to tell you that times have changed. Dogs on social media (aka dog parents) are speaking out about issues that shouldn’t even be political: Black Lives Matter. Voting for our future. I watched Coconut Rice Bear the Samoyed lose (and then gain many more) followers after making a video in support of Black Lives Matter. I watched many more dog accounts on Instagram share information on progressive politics, on getting out the vote, on keeping each other safe. I, a first-generation American woman and BIPOC from a working class background, felt very inspired to know that I was surrounded by dog parents like you.

At Argos & Artemis, we’ve been dipping our toe into politics since we launched, writing entire newsletters compiling all the horrible things Donald J. Trump has said about dogs, for example. (He’s the first American president in about 100 years to not have a pet in the White House.) It was a “risk” we took because we care about people, not just dogs. When you get a dog, the world becomes so much smaller, and we hope, your relationship with your dog becomes another outlet for your compassion for others. We’re voting for Biden-Harris because we believe in compassion and decency for everyone. To save our dogs and our people, we need action on the climate crisis, COVID-19 relief, and healthcare (just to start).

You may have already seen this Dog Lovers for Joe advertisement, co-created by New York City advertising executive, Rob Schwartz. “Choose your humans wisely,” it advises. “I’d really love it if some MAGA folks stopped for a second, looked at their pooches and were reminded of their own humanity and decency. And then saw that in Joe,” Schwartz told HuffPost.

American dog parents, the most important walk you take this year will be to the polls. And if you’re interested in getting political with your dog, here are our favorite #ArtemisApproved dog accessories to shop.

Wild One x When We All Vote Dog Accessories Walk Kit.

Wild One Limited Edition Vote Walk Kit

Wild One teamed up with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization help increase voter turnout. 20 percent of the purchase price will be donated to When We All Vote, which means if you’ve been debating whether or not to invest in one of Wild One’s walk kits (they’re not the most affordable option, as a lot of dog moms have commiserated to me), now is the time! For less than $100 (a $128 value!), you get a collar, a leash, a poop bag carrier, and a limited-edition Vote bandana. We’re huge fans of the poop bag carrier (one of the best we’ve ever used) for its form and function, and the collar and leash are great everyday accessories.

Pawmiscuous Dogs for Biden-Harris bandana.

Pawmiscuous Dogs for Biden Harris Bandana

You can spot this New York-based dog mom-owned pet accessories brand in the video that Joe Biden himself shared on Instagram. These tie-on bandanas come in three sizes and get to the point: Joe Biden loves dogs (he has rescue dogs, in fact), and your dog loves him, too.

Dogs for Biden dog collar.

Dogs for Biden Dog Collar

Want official merch? In the official campaign store, you can buy this union-sewn and American-made cloth dog collar. All proceeds go towards the Biden Victory Fund.

Dog bandana from Crooked Media.

Crooked Media Vote Save America Pet Bandana

If you’re a friend of the pod (you know which pod), you can get one of these 100 percent cotton, American-made bandanas to let everyone know that petting privileges are for those who exercise their right to vote.

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